Focus on an AAARTA Fellow

Meryl Rosenberg, Maryland

Meryl Rosenberg

Meryl Rosenberg focuses her practice on assisted reproductive technology, with over 20 years experience in this area. Many of you know her from her involvement in AAARTA as she was a member of the AAARTA Executive Council. She currently chairs the AAARTA membership committee, a critically important position that requires much follow-up and attention to detail. Additionally, she headed the sponsorship committee for our 2015 ART mid-year conference in Chicago. Meryl is also active in a number of related professional organizations, including the ABA and ASRM.

Meryl began her legal education at the University of Maryland law school, where she earned a spot on the international law review. But, half-way through the already stressful law school tenure, her husband, a physician, was chosen for a residency match in Michigan, so off she went, enrolling in Wayne State University School of Law, from which she graduated with honors. After completing law school, she accepted a position as an assistant attorney general for Michigan. But, once again, she and Sam were uprooted when he accepted a New Jersey Fellowship award in in pediatric pulmonology. Meryl worked for several years as a staff attorney at two New Jersey firms specializing in consumer fraud, real estate, construction and administrative law. Another move soon followed, bringing her home to Maryland, where, despite what appears to be a tradition of interstate relocation, she and her husband have managed to remain for the past twenty-odd years. Did I mention that she had to study for, sit for and pass the bar in all those states? She accomplished all of this while working and welcoming her three children!
In 1992, Meryl began her focus on family formation law, and, in 1995, she opened her own practice, now known as ART Parenting and the Law Office of Meryl Rosenberg, in Potomac, Maryland.

Meryl’s commitment to professional and community service is well-established. In addition to her work for AAARTA, Meryl serves on the legal advisory board of Path2Parenthood, sits on the advisory board of the Tanina Q. Cade Foundation and is a past-chair of the Legal Professional Group of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. She is an active member and past president of two Sections of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and past chair/trustee of the Tikkun Olam Women’s Federation. In 2002, she was awarded the Jerome Dick Young Leadership Award by the Federation, and in 2013, she was recognized as one of the Top Ten Women to Watch by Jewish International.

Meryl and her husband, Sam, were married at the tender age of 22. Sam and Meryl have three children: Becca, Josh and Zach. Becca and Josh currently live in New York, where they are pursing their careers. Zach recently graduated from The Catholic University School of Law, and is in private practice.

On the off chance that Meryl has any spare time, she enjoys cooking, entertaining, travel, skiing and, probably, catching up on her sleep!

Sara R. Cohen, Toronto, Canada

Sara Cohen

Practice Affiliation: Fertility Law Canada
Year Admitted to the Bar: 2000
Practices in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Law School: Osgoode Hall Law School

I always wanted to help people, and always had an interest in social justice. While I was in law school, the Canadian Assisted Human Reproduction Act was introduced. I thought it was a big mistake (and still do). I wrote every paper I could on the topic of third party reproduction. I also had worked in a fertility clinic conducting research while an undergraduate, and at Princeton University’s Office of Population Research one summer conducting related research. So, this area of the law was always an interest. As I continue practice in this area, I love that the law is always evolving, and I am proud of how progressive Ontario judges have been. I am equally disappointed about the patriarchal notions inherent in the Assisted Human Reproduction Act. When I think about my career as a lawyer, I am pleased that I have been able to help so many people. One thing I have learned is that sometimes just being willing to do something is a good place to begin. However, if I were starting over today, I would be a professor…of reproductive law! I am currently an adjunct professor, but it would be wonderful to work on a PhD and be an academic.

  1. What would anyone be surprised to learn about you? I can read and write hieroglyphs!
  2. What was the very first job you ever had? A camp counselor.
  3. What is your greatest personal accomplishment (if different from your professional one)? My greatest personal accomplishment is my family.
  4. Describe one of your most cherished memories. Hiking or snorkeling with my children.
  5. What contributions do you make to help others? I have been fortunate to be involved in much legislative change and debate, and in organizing the original courses on fertility law in Canada. I hope I have been able to positively influence change that protects families and recognizes third party reproduction as an acceptable and respectable method of family building.
  6. What inspires you to go beyond your legal career to help others? I think we are very fortunate in the ART sphere that our legal career does help others. I also like to work with law students and young lawyers though; I felt those opportunities were lacking when I was at those stages so I like to be part of the push to change that and encourage mentorship and collegiality.
  7. What would you like your gravestone to say about you? She lived and she loved!