July Webinar - Postponed to August 31, 2017

LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER: Communicating with putative and legal fathers in adoption cases

The webinar, presented by Academy Fellow Jeanne Tate, Paralegal Sue Eggert and Heart of Adoption Caseworker Gabriela Bonn, is scheduled for August 31, 2017, at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time. 

Join us for an interactive discussion on how to handle the most common issues surrounding contact and communication with alleged/putative/presumed/legal fathers (“Fathers”) in your adoption practice. Contact and communication with Fathers presents unique and separate issues as compared to expectant mothers. This webinar will cover the important things to know and do in order to avoid making costly mistakes during the adoption process, including how to strategize and frame these discussions to maximize their use at trial as an admission against interest and avoid conflicts of interest where you may become a witness. Sign up today!

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