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Employment Law: What Every Adoption or ART Attorney Needs to Know

The webinar, presented by Academy Fellow Colleen Quinn, is scheduled for December 5, 2017, at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time. 

Employment law impacts adoption and ART law in many frequent ways. This webinar will address several of these employment law issues such as what leave may or may not apply to any persons giving birth or about to care for a newborn – including how and when the Family and Medical Leave Act applies? What is the difference, if any, between paternity and maternity? What is intermittent FMLA leave and who qualifies? How does short-term disability factor in for persons giving birth? How does COBRA or HIPAA work when carriers or expectant parents change jobs or health insurance? What constitutes pregnancy discrimination? Under HIPAA laws – just how much does the employer need to know? We will address these issues and many more. Sign up today!

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