Committee and Task Force Chairs

Agency: Lance Rich (UT)
Amicus Briefs: Albert G. Lirhus (WA)
Awards: Laurie Goldhiem (NY)
Brief Bank: Sara Cohen (Canada)
Board of Grievances & Discipline: Debra Guston (NJ)
Children's Rights and Foster Care: Craig Bluestein (NJ)
CLE/Education (standing committee): Nidhi Desai (IL) and Eric Freeby (TX)
CLE Phone: Susan I. Paquet (TX)
Directory: Steve Kirsh (IN) and Don Cofsky (NJ)
Finance/Audit: Debra Guston (NJ)
Focus on a Fellow: Kurt Hughes
Family Formation Charitable Trust: Genie Miller Billespie (IL)
Governance: Herb Brail (MI) and Theresa Roetter (WI)
Grievance: Deb Guston (NJ)
ICPC: Kay H. McLeod (AR) and Michael R. Voorhees (OH)
ICWA: Philip "Jay" McCarthy, Jr. (AZ) and Mark Fiddler (MN)
Private Networking (Adoption and ART): Robin Fleischner (NY) and Deborah Spivack (NJ)
Intercountry Committees: Michael Goldstein (NY) and Dan Berger (PA)
Internet/Listserv: Herb Brail (MI) and Jennifer Fairfax (MD)
Investment: Deb Guston (NJ), Colleen Quinn (VA) and Don Cofsky (NJ)
Keeper of the Records: Jennie Sullivan (IN)
Legislative: John Green (MD) and Kurt Hughes (VT)
AAAA Membership: John R. Greene (MD)
AAARTA Membership: Meryl B. Rosenberg (MD)
Mentorship: Ginny Frank (CO)
Newsletter: Robin Fleischner (NY) and Janna Annest (WA)
Private Adoption-ART Networking: Robin Fleischner (NY) Deborah Spivack (NJ)
Secondary Placement Adoptions: Kevin Kenney (KS)
Site Selection: Stephen W. Hayes (WI), Drew Whitmire, Jr. (AL), Robin Pope (OR); Theresa Roetter (WI); and Mark Demaray (WA)
Social Media: Jennifer Fairfax (MD)
Webinar: Jenny Womack (TX)
Website: Herb Brail (MI) and Jennifer Fairfax (MD)
Online Directory Records: Jennie Sullivan (IN)